The name Mac Y originates from YMCA where most of the founders we members in the local sports club. It all started back in September 1996 as a partnership company by some guys who were willing to put some of their money into this venture. All the owners had their everyday jobs and there were absolutely no resources for employees. All work had consequently to be done by the owners in their scares free time.

After approximately five years – in 2002 – the company was turned into a limited company and one of the brains behind the economy and trade – Søren Nørgaard – was hired as manager. His father had marked himself as a brilliant salesman and as a retired person he was allowed to take any job and was hired as salesman. Now the company was for real and serious business and as this article is written in January 2004 there are as many a five persons working in Mac Y on a daily basis. Still the owners have to give a hand on almost 100 whisky tastings a year and other more trivial duties.


Today Mac Y is a serious supplier of whisky incl. bourbon and rye, rum, cognac, armagnac, tequila, gin, vodka, liqueurs, absinth, poteen, ginger wine, cachaca and more. Common for all the products are that they are individually selected and have to undergo the Mac Y panel’s critical tests. As we say “We don’t sell anything that we do not like to drink ourselves”. The list of suppliers is long. We only sell products to specialist shops where the customer can get a serious guidance on which product to buy. Our products do not deserve to be put along with wash powder on a random shelf in a supermarket – do yours? The number of shops has gone beyond 500 in Denmark.


We see ourselves as serious dealers of quality products which you can see for yourself in the product lists on this web site. We also have a unique situation because the owners and employees all are a sort of enthusiast who often leads to debates on the products and their origin, history etc.  We also claim that we know facts about the products.


Mac Y even produces whisky – Black Whisky – distilled and bottled by The SpeysideDistillery. Find more information on www.cudhub.com.