King of The Scots blended Scotch whisky ¤

King of The Scots blended Scotch whisky ¤

King of The Scots blended whisky er produceret af Douglas Laing. Som et alternativ til de mange „irsk kaffe whiskier“ der præger hylderne i landets butikker, er King of The Scots værdig, idet den også kan nydes „rå“ ... Uden at vi skal stille forventningerne for højt, ja så er King of The Scots faktisk mild.

Douglas Lain's skriver selv:
Douglas Laing's King of Scots Blended Scotch Whisky was first created in 1886. Over a century later, only the closest members of our family-owned company know the particulars of its recipe. Celebrating the blend's distinguished heritage, superior quality and provenance, each bottle proudly bears Scotland's Lion Rampant, used by the Kings of Scotland for hundreds of years. Fred Laing, the second generation of the family business and the company's Master Blender, hand selects casks for King of Scots and marries them together to create this, the crowning glory of Blended Scotch Whisky.

The nose opens with toffee and spices, developing to a fresh and citrusy quality before a liquorice character appears. Initially on the palate, discover a sweet, ripe fruit quality than runs to toffee a distinctly vanilla style. The vanilla character carries through to a well-balanced sweet and spicy finish

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King of The Scots blended Scotch whisky ¤


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