Elixir De Ron Serum

Elixir De Ron Serum

The story of SeRum is dated back to the end of the19th century while during the building of Panama Canal a lot of workers coming from Central America mostly Caribbean and Cuba were losing their lives. The main reason for that was malaria and very hard working conditions as well as malnutrition. The workers had to work faster each day for very little money and less and less food every day.

At that time the Cuban women got an idea to put pickled dried fruit and spices into their old Panamanian rum which led into a preparation of an energetic drink that provides the needed strength for the men to be able to work under the difficult conditions. Later this „miraculous" drink was used for not just the strength and energy supply but also for the snakebites and malaria. A lot of men and women were believing in the healing effects of the drink so they started to call it the SeRum which means the cure.

This perfect elixir is thoroughly mixed from the genuine Panamian rum which was matured in barrels for three to eight years. It is soft, smooth and round. SeRum is also perfect for any occasion, but sometimes, no special occasion is needed.
Attractive bottle hides an unusual amber drink which can boast by the smell of peaches, almonds and cinnamon. Not only women will appreciate its velvety sweet taste which reminiscences of vanilla and almond cookies.
However, that‘s enough of our descriptive speech. It´s time to throw the phone, computer and the stress of ordinary days behind your head and just fill the glass with „Vacation in Caribbean".

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Elixir De Ron Serum


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