Il Santo Sambuca Classico ¤

Il Santo Sambuca Classico ¤

In Italy, we make no compromises when it comes to true passion. Life without it is just not as thrilling.

Nothing can substitute passion. It’s a fire that’s always blazing. Once ignited, you can’t put it out.

In Italy, pure passion is sacred. IL SANTO stands for tradition and premium quality.

IL SANTO is the promise of true passion. We give you our classic sambuca, with a little something added to the blaze.

Three premium ingredients are all you need to enjoy the
tradition of sambuca in its purest form. The scarlet red
bottle, exclusive piccolo rosso glass and full-flavoured
coffee beans are the essentials for the IL SANTO ritual.
Set the glass of sambuca alight with exactly three coffee
beans inside. Savour the warm liqueur and the added flavour
the coffee beans lend the hints of aniseed. At home
or in a bar, IL SANTO is more than just a shot; enjoyed
with good friends and passionate connoisseurs, the genuine
ritual adds a cult factor to a true firework of flavour.

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Il Santo Sambuca Classico ¤


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