Samaroli 1997 Clynelish 2016 Edition Single Malt Whisky

Samaroli 1997 Clynelish 2016 Edition Single Malt Whisky

For better or for worse ... Man is the measure of all things ... Greek philosophy is the root of our way of dealing with problems, events and life in general. The myths of the war, the journey, the heroes as those of the Odyssey, the Iliad, the Aeneid ... swords, chariots, horses ... Ulysses, Hector, Achilles ... getting lost is easy. The contrast between madness and reason creates electricity. Mind and

conscience are the two poles that usually give birth to great man´s actions ... and

isn´t this whiskey a great action? Fortunately, the result is here in front of you ... in your glass. A Scotsman who plows through the routes of the Hellenic Mediterranean. Salty nose, wet wood tones. As the boat´s breath that harmoniously coexists and fights the sea. Lavender and oysters touch rises like rocks in the waves. Metal perfumes bring to mind the alembics that watch the sea through the windows. A perfect spirit that seems to go beyond the usual sensory lines, it seems to hear it. Yes. It seems to hear a vibrating sound. In the mouth it is restless, elusive, fast. Spicy tones. A toccata and fugue worthy of the best composers.

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Samaroli 1997 Clynelish 2016 Edition Single Malt Whisky


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