Port Charlotte Single Malt Peated - Batch 6 - Atom

Port Charlotte Single Malt Peated - Batch 6 - Atom
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Here we have another whisky from the excellent Bruichladdich distillery on Islay, but you might note that we have spelt their name incorrectly on the label - we have written it as “Port Charlotte”. Ah, you see, that is because Bruichladdich use the Port Charlotte name for whisky they have produced using heavily peated barley (though not super-extreme-silly levels of peat - thats their Octomore bottlings). As such, we have given centre stage to the 5 molecules that produce the phenolic compounds in peated whisky. 

Tasting notes:

Nose: Get a whiff of that roaring open fire, coal tar and prickles of cedar wood and rosemary.

Palate: Initially sweet with hints of cocoa, black cherries and treacle. Then come the herbs, oregano for sure and a cardamom touch.

Finish: A long, smoky finish with lasting flavours of leather and tobacco.

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NavnPort Charlotte Single Malt Peated - Batch 6 - Atom
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