Willowbank Single Malt - Batch 1 - Atom

Willowbank Single Malt - Batch 1 - Atom

We have searched high, we have searched low, we have searched between high and low, and we have found what we were looking for - whisky from New Zealand for us to bottle! While New Zealand might be more famous for wines, the Willowbank once produced incredible whiskies on the South Island, though it closed back in 1997. The distillery, we mean. Not New Zealands South Island. 

Tasting notes:

Nose:  Sweet black coffee and shellac, are followed by all manner of dark fruitiness. Blackberries lead blackcurrants, blueberry muffins, sour cherry, and dried plums. Theres just a hint of salty licorice too

Palate: Complex with Chinese salted cherries, coffee grounds, and bitter dark chocolate. Cognac like at times.

Finish: Long, starting spicy, then drying, turning chocolatey, while leaving a fruity sweetness with a pinch of salt

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Willowbank Single Malt - Batch 1 - Atom


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