Tequila Espinoza Blanco

Tequila Espinoza Blanco

Tequila Espinoza is Blue Agave artistic expresion turned into tequila, with is inspired on the Aztec’s highest honor: to offer their blood, spilled by the Agave thorns, to the gods, which is the most sacred; they offered the best, with pride. Work, passion, they focused entirely into it, that is the way Tequila Espinoza is born.

 The Tequila Espinoza family, formed by Espinoza Blanco 35º, Espinoza Blanco 50º, Espinoza Reposado 38º and Espinoza Extra Añejo (Extra Old) casket degree, stands out to the eye because of its bottle´s finery, as well as the beautiful liquid. We speak about spirited beverages made through a combination of the traditional process, cutting-edge technology and a strong commitment to total and absolute quality.

At a glance is brilliant, clean, with an attitude.
To the sense of smell, ripe and well cooked agave notes stand out, as well as pumpkin and citrics such as orange and lemon.
To the taste, agave leaves pop out among herbal and citric aromas.

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Tequila Espinoza Blanco


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