MacDonald's Traditional Ben Nevis Scotch Pure Malt Whisky 46

MacDonald's Traditional Ben Nevis Scotch Pure Malt Whisky 46
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"oh for a sight of ben nevis, methinks i see him now, as the morning sunlight crimsoneth the snow wreath on his brow; as he shakes away the shadows, his heart the sunshine thrills, as he towers high and majestic amid a thousand hillsAs we passed Appin we catsch sight of Ben Nevis, the monarch of the mountains, and shall never forget its apperance on that day. As a rule, fogs, clouds, or a hazy state of atmosphere often conceal certain portions of the grand mountain, and thus disturb the wonderful impression of the whole, but we were fortunate, and could see this gigantic mass almost from its base to its summit. Its near presence and supreme dignity, standing out, as it does, from the surrounding hills, awed usm and suggested the might and power of the Great Creator. As we looked on its heights and glimmering peaks, dark projections of rock peered out and broke up the spacious white mantle, whilst at the top the frozen snow glittered in the sunbeams, and contrasted brilliantly with the black masses beneath"Thus wrote Alfred Barnard in his book, THE Whisky Distilleries of the United Kingdom published in 1887, on his secound trip to Fort William by steamer in winter to visit Donald P McDonald's Nevis Destillery.Pour yourself a dram and experience the fine taste of whisky which we beliece could have been produced back in that successful period in our company's history.
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NavnMacDonald's Traditional Ben Nevis Scotch Pure Malt Whisky 46
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