Borges Soalheirs 10 år Tawny Port

Borges Soalheirs 10 år Tawny Port

Philosophy Fresh and rich profile, with notes of complexity arising from its age. The blend includes 10 years old wines on average. Tasting Notes Appearance: Light blondish. Aroma: Intense aromas of stewed fruit, jam and the typical aromas of aging in wood (such as honey) are highlighted. Taste: Soft, with honeydew and jam notes and a sweet persistent finish. Varieties Borges Soalheira Old Tawny 10 Years is made from Touriga-Franca, Touriga-Nacional, Tinta-Barroca, Tinto-Cão and Tinta-Roriz.
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Borges Soalheirs 10 år Tawny Port


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