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Mezan Rum Jamaican Ex - Bourbon XO

Mezan Rum Jamaican Ex - Bourbon XO
359,00 kr.
Vejl. udsalgspris inkl. moms.
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NOSEPungent nose with fresh banana and sweet spice.TASTELight palate, complex spice with hints of tobacco.This small batch of 5000 bottles was carefully blended from rums produced by several different Jamaican distilleries. Our master blender has carefully selected the age and ester content of the chosen spirits so that the typical pungency and tropical flavors of Jamaican rum are shown at their very best. Each single batch of Mezan XO, is re-aged following blending, to encourage the marriage of flavors and enhance the structure and subtlety of the rum.
Varenummer: rom04093 - Kategori: . Brand: Mezan Rom

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NavnMezan Rum Jamaican Ex - Bourbon XO
Vejledende udsalgspris inkl. moms359,00 kr.