Octomore Single Malt Peated - Batch1 - Atom

Octomore Single Malt Peated - Batch1 - Atom

The discovery of our bottling of Octomore single malt is displayed on its label in three acts. Act I: Research. Act II: Revelation. Act III: Request. A timeless tale for the ages. The most heavily-peated whiskies from Islay-based distillery Bruichladdich are released under the name Octomore, and they have a reputation for being particularly intense...

Tasting notes:

Nose: Medicinal peaty notes with polished leather. Liquorice toffees, charcoal burning smoke and sea spray.

Palate: Sweet white grapes, prickly pepper, with a woody bonfire smoke and a pinch of salt. 

Finish: Dry, spicy, and that hint of salt is still there while the smoke lingers

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Octomore Single Malt Peated - Batch1 - Atom


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